Developing a permaculture farm and bee sanctuary at the bottom of the earth

hand crafted products inspired by ingredients grown on our farm and packaged using eco friendly materials.

Discover a collection of heirloom seeds, soaps, preserves, honey and natural skin care.


We create our products slowly using ancient techniques. Every aspect is done by hand.

It's more than a job it's a way of life

Everything here works in perfect balance it is a delicate dance that we live and breath by.

Our beehives are stationary which means we don't move them to chase nectar flows. Instead we are constantly growing plants from seed to provide enough forage in addition to the surrounding bush flora, the resulting honey is like nothing you have ever tasted.

We manage the hives using bee centric practices that put their needs before our own ensuring they always have enough honey and we only remove the old wax frames to keep them healthy and thriving.

Our cows and chickens provide important waste material for our compost to make a rich andfertile growing medium for healthy plants.

  • Honey

    Tasmanian honey - Our bees forager a wide variety of flora including... 

  • Soaps

    Natural cold processed botanical soaps made using traditional soap techniques and inspired... 

  • Seeds all

    A collection of heirloom veg, flower, herb and medincinal herb seeds. Working... 

“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.”