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True Lavender

True Lavender

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True Lavender Seeds (Lavandula Angustifolia Mill)A shrubby perennial from the mountainous areas of the Western Mediterranean but now grown all over the world. Strongly aromatic it will grow approx. 1m tall with long thin (3cm x 5cm) evergreen leaves. Popular for its colorful flowers, its superb fragrance and its ability to survive drought conditions.

The flowers which are mauve or lavender-colored are produced on spikes approx. 6 cm long at the top of long slender, leafless stems

Fairly tolerant of low temperatures and generally considered hardy it does not thrive in wet conditions.

When used as a seasoning it can be added with savory, dill and sage to meat and fish dishes, but also finds uses in the medical trade and in the perfume industry.

Reblooms with regular deadheading and loved by bees

Sorry we can not send seeds to W.A

Growing instructions on the packet image

If the packet says Grown organically that means it is one grown in our garden

100 seeds

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