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Mushie Latte Herbal infused honey

Mushie Latte Herbal infused honey

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Start or end your day with our Super Mushroom Latte Blend, designed to provide balanced energy to help reduce stress and keep you calm and focused. Made with Cacao and a blend of carefully selected mushrooms.

Reishi - Mushroom of immortality to reduce stress and enhance immune systems 

Shitake - Heart , bone and joint health

Lions Mane - Brain and memory support 

Cordyceps - Energy and Stamina 

Enjoy a sense of wellbeing and uplifting mood all day long without feeling overstimulated while avoiding jitters and slumps. 


Ingredients: Honey from our hives , Cacao , Mushrooms Cordyceps, Reishi, Shitake, Lions Mane, Australian grown Vanilla bean 


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Where has this been all my life!

Having discovered mushroom coffee I was really excited to try this honey, and it doesn’t disappoint. Absolutely delicious mixed with hot milk in the morning!

    Invest in your skin,it is going to represent you for a very long time.