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Mixed blossom honey

Mixed blossom honey

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Our raw mixed blossom honey comes direct from our hives based on our permaculture farm and bee sanctuary in Southern Tasmania. Every year we are planting out more forage plants to ensure the bees have everything they need here for a varied diet.

We manage our hives naturally meaning no antibiotics and we harvest a sustainable amount of honey from each hive (always leaving enough to sustain the hives over Winter). In the warmer seasons the bees feast on a wide variety of bush flora and cottage garden flowers creating a melody of complex flavors perfect for medicinal use or a sweet tooth. This honey is sure to be like nothing you've ever tasted!

Cold extracted, unpasteurized and unprocessed to preserve the natural vitamins, enzymes and other nutritional elements.

Please note all genuine raw (cold extracted) honey will naturally crystallize, this happens to nectar from some flowers sooner than others and is a sign that it is truly raw honey.

If you prefer clear, smooth flowing honey you need to heat the jar in hot/warm water. Every extraction has different flavours, texture and colour - the photo here is just one example.

Being raw honey we are unable to send to WA due to quarantine legislation

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect Honey

I purchased a jar of this honey and once I tasted it, I went back and bought 6 more jars! It has candied beautifully and tastes like soft honey fudge. I eat it buy the spoonful every day! A real honey made by happy bees and assisted by caring gatherer’s!

Ben Molloy
Brilliant and wonderful products

Anne is wonderful at customer service with a high regards and respect for her products, she has created such products that will not disappoint, from the lushes honey to the exquisite beauty products!

Absolutely devine, you won’t be disappointed with any purchases you make 😊


The best honey Ive had in a long time. Very tasty and top quality. We will definitely order more in the near future. Thank you.

Carol-Ann Gravestock
Best Honey for my Honey

My husband says, "Best local raw honey I've had in a very long time, really believe it has helped with my hay fever!"