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Migraine Relief Herbal Honey

Migraine Relief Herbal Honey

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This particular blend has been created to help give relief to those who suffer regular migraines and headaches.
It is best to take daily as a preventative as well as when you feel the initial signs of a migraine.

Feverfew - Promising research suggests that feverfew (Tanactum parthenium) is effective in helping prevent migraines when taken daily

Lavender (Lavandula piperita) and Peppermint (mentha piperita) - are mild nervines and add a unique flavour

Nettle (urtica dioica) has been added for its antihistamine properties

Skullcap (Scuttelaria Lateriflora) is antispasmodic and will help relieve tensions

Valerian root - For muscle relaxation and pain relief

Passionflower - A mild sedative that can alleviate stress and tension that can often trigger a migraine

You can take this honey by the spoonful 1 - 3 times daily
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