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Lambs ear

Lambs ear

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Perennial Stachys byzantina is lovely in the front of the border, as an edging plant, or as a low, dense ground cover around the base of shrubs. In summer, each mound of Lamb’s Ear will send up spiky purple flowers. Cut it back in late fall to prevent the fuzzy leaves from rotting.
With fuzzy silver-green leaves and a habit of growing in dense clumps, a patch of Lamb’s Ear looks like a velvet cloak thrown over a garden bed.
Lamb’s Ear will fill in gaps and bare spaces in the front of a garden bed and will hide the leafless skeletons of roses.

Great for attracting bees, butterflies and beneficial insects. Low maintenance and drought tolerant once established. Has a history of medicinal use. Also known as "Woolly Betony, "Lambs Tongue", "Donkeys Ears", "Woolly Hedgenettle" or "Woundwort".

Sow Lamb's Ear seeds in late winter, 8 - 10 weeks before last frost. Use starter trays and quality starter soil. Press Lamb's Ear seeds into the soil but do not cover. Keep the flower seeds continuously moist until germination. Transplant Lamb's Ear seedlings outdoors in spring. At the time of transplanting, pinch back to encourage compact growth. Space Lamb's Ear plants 16 inches a part.

Open pollinated and Grown organically in the Huon Valley

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50 seeds per packet

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