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Herbal Smudge sticks - Lavender and Sage Handmade

Herbal Smudge sticks - Lavender and Sage Handmade

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Homegrown | Handcrafted | Full Moon Infused

These one of a kind smudge sticks are handmade in Southern Tasmania using traditional methods using homegrown and locally foraged herbs and they are air-dried naturally. Your smudge sticks are packaged in sustainable plastic free materials to be kind to our earth and oceans. 

 Ingredients: Lavender leaves & blossoms, white sage and wildflowers.

Lavender flowers and leaves are mixed to bring positive energy and purification “to wash”. It helps to open the heart chakra and calms the mind. Ruled by Mercury.

Salvia Apiana or White Sage for cleansing, nourishing, clearing and teaching.
Ruled by Jupiter. Used to acknowledge the wisdom of Indigenous elders, past and future. White sage is often illegally harvested, mass-produced, and used without respect. The Sage grown and used in these smudge sticks is treated with respect to the sacred plant.

 Native paper daisy to evoke childhood, innocence and purity.

One-of-a-kind. Each smoke cleansing may vary from the picture.
Dimension 18 to 22 cm long. It can be relighted around six times.
Organic cotton thread.

➞ CAUTION: Safety Disclaimer
- Use a fireproof bowl.
- Do not leave it burning unattended.
- Do not smudge if you have respiratory issues or botanical allergies.
- Open windows if you do your ritual indoors, not close to fire alarms.
- Information on herbs' traditional uses and properties is provided on this site for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.

➞Shipping Australia-wide Shipping only ✈️

Please allow 24 hours to process your order. We ship from Southern Tasmania Australia Post.

Store away from heat & light, preferably in a dry place from direct sunlight and humidity.


✨ What is Smudging, and why it matters?
Throughout history, people from different cultures have burned sacred herbs and resins to raise spiritual vibrations, dispelling negativity and aiding in spiritual practices.

Unpleasant and unethical scents from nasty incense, herbs and oils are no longer effective in sacred rituals and spiritual practices.

The power of herbal smoke cleanses spaces, facilitates ritual, and even heals physical ailments. It can also be a transcendental medium to alter mood and allow us to engage in shadow and dream work. 

✨ Why do empaths need spiritual protection?
It is absolutely essential for those with empathic and highly sensitive traits to cleanse their aura regularly.

Smoke cleansing is a highly effective method for achieving optimal spiritual self-care. It is also invaluable in the auric field purifying the energy of your surroundings and any tools you may use, such as gemstones and oracle cards.

✨  How does smoke purify?

▷Physical purification. The heat from burning materials releases volatile oils depending on the plant's kind. 
▷Energetically, Each plant material used in smoke cleansing will have a different energetic association. Some are associated with protection, prosperity and other healing properties.
▷Emotionally purifying. Our sense of smell ties in directly to the limbic system (the emotional part of the brain). Our sense of smell is 90% emotion and 10% recall.

✨  How did our Smudge sticks get made?
Plants are harvested under the full moon. Some flowers are always left for pollinators like bees, and after bundling the plants, we air dry them. To bless them before using them to create magic. It takes a season to create our sacred smudge bundles

✨  What is a Smudge Stick?
A smudge stick is created by bundling together dried herbs with healing properties.

Smudge sticks, also known as floral wands or smoke cleansing bouquets, have become increasingly popular due to their use in Native American traditional rituals of smudging with white sacred sage (salvia apiana).

✨ What is the history of smudging?

The smoke cleansing ritual refers to emitting perfumed smoke produced by herbs, resins, barks, leaves, and flowers that are burned and used to uplift the mood. 

Many cultures and religions use smoke cleansing in temples, churches, ceremonies, and holistic health as a cleansing tool. However, people unaware of history may think smoke cleansing is just a Pagan or a green Witch ritual. 

From the times of ancient Greece, the Mapuches tribes in Chile, the Virgins of the Sun of Peru, and the priestesses of the Mexicas temples, shamans, Native Americans and Australian Aborigines burned different plants to cleanse themselves and honour and connect with Pachamama, Gaia and the Great Spirit of Creation. 

Is there any scientific research? 

1./ The Journal of Ethnopharmacology (2007) published a study in which "medicinal smoke reduces airborne bacteria" and found that burning medicinal herbs for an hour in a closed room reduced the number of airborne bacteria by 94%."
2./ In China, there is a long history of using plant-derived smoke for hygiene, insecticidal, religious, warfare, and the combustion of incense during ceremonies and rituals has traditionally been an essential aspect of Buddhist, Confucian, and Daoist spiritual practices. 


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Barbara J Wilson
Chosen gifts for my daughters

They look and smell wonderful but as they are part of a Christmas gift an opinion will be forthcoming.