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Gatherer Forager

Gardening Sickle

Gardening Sickle

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A tool as old as agriculture itself, the sickle's basic design has been unchanged for centuries. This tool incorporates a high quality easy to sharpen raked blade, making it easier to make cuts near the ground without requiring the user to bend all the way down.

The sickle is perfect for trimming back grass, weeds or soft plants in or near other delicate species that might be harmed by machinery. When used on long grass, this tool is also excellent for producing mulch for garden beds and base material for composting.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Yvette Griffin
My go-to tool

I was wrapped to see Gatherer Forager had a gardening sickle available. I ordered, it came quickly, well packaged and good communication. A fantastic tool to use in different ways in the garden. Love it!!

shiloh Gordon
Love this tool 💚

WOW I absolutely love this tool 🙌🏼 I had overgrown inter rows and loved chop and dropping it all with ease. The blade is super sharp and went thru some pretty thick clumps. I’m telling everyone about it 😆 thanks for a great product guys 🌻

Coby Mc
Gardening Sickle

My all time favourite garden tool! Easy and light to hold, super sharp and makes weeding so much easier. 🙏🌻

Allison Bone
The best gardening tool

I love this sickle. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for and the go to tool in the garden. Great quality and sharp