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Cottage Garden Body Butter

Cottage Garden Body Butter

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 This luxurious body butter is a infusion of Hollyhocks, lilacs and violets from our garden with all natural skin nourishing butters and oils.

Hollyhocks have soothing properties similar to their herbal cousin, marshmallow, and the drawing power of the purple clay is great for soothing inflamed skin

lilac infusion is an old fashioned home remedy for clear skin

Violets are helpful treatment for chapped, irritated, or dry skin

A vitamin rich moisturizer for the entire body that is especially good for dry skin and helps maintain the skin's natural moisture balance.

Made with
Shea butter, cocoa butter , Sunflower oil infused with Hollyhock, Violet and lilac, coconut oil, Avocado oil, purple clay, Vanilla and frangipani essential oils

The melting point is only a few degrees below the natural temperature of the human body. Thus, it melts easily on application, which renders it very easy to rub into your skin
A little bit goes a long way! It may feel a little greasy at first, but allow a few minutes for it to absorb into your skin, and that feeling goes away. It works best at locking moisture in when your skin is still damp from bathing or showering. You will love how soft and supple this will leave your skin!

100gram jar

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