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Comfrey Seeds

Comfrey Seeds

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 (Symphytum officinale) is a non-edible perennial native wildflower with attractive drooping clusters of blue, purple, pink or cream, bell-shaped flowers in early summer. Well known for centuries as a medicinal plant, but the leaves are now regularly used as a compost activator helping the breakdown of other compost materials.

 Comfrey is also often used as a mulch or as liquid green manure.

Comfrey makes a great feed for Tomato and Potatoes.

A true wonder plant in the garden:
- It can be used to improve the soil
- Grow your own organic liquid feed for anything that fruits
- It can be harvested 3 or 4 times per year
- A magnet for bee's

Do you know why the bee's like Comfrey so only takes the Comfrey plant 40 mins to nectarise, providing a new food source for the bee's.

Most other flowering plants can take up to 3 days to nectarise.

 12 seeds 

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