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Calendula Golden Emperor

Calendula Golden Emperor

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Calendula seeds are a long time favorite among gardeners because they are easy to start directly outdoors. Edible and used in many dishes as well as tea and medicinal purposes. It is easily grown by sowing flower seeds directly outdoors in early spring after frost danger has passed or started in pots.

The flowers of this variety are a sunny, golden color, and the leaves are bright green and typically about 4 inches long. The lower leaves are oval with a rounded tip and upper leaves are lance shaped with pointed tips.
Calendula officinalis is easy to grow from flower seeds in average soil and is bothered by few pests or cultural problems providing the soil is well-drained. Sow seeds directly into prepared beds after last frost and cover the flower seed lightly.

Calendula flowers are great for cutting and they attract bees and butterflies all season long.

 40 seeds

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