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Cacao infused (Chocolate ) honey

Cacao infused (Chocolate ) honey

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Introducing our decadent Cacao infused (Chocolate ) honey.

Made by blending pure cacao with raw honey straight from the hive, giving it excellent quality and flavor that is pure indulgence in every spoonful. 

To use just heat your milk or water to ideal temperature THEN add the 1-3 Spoonfuls of honey. We don't recommend heating honey as getting it too hot can damage precious enzymes. 
For a extra delicious cup try adding a spoonful of coconut oil to your brew. 
Other ideas
Mix into coffee and espresso-based beverages, use as a chocolate milk base, dip your fruit into the jar, use in muesli bars and balls, elevate a simple cake by adding into a batter or using as an icing, drizzle onto porridge, blend into banana-cacao smoothies, use to make an incredible Mexican Mole sauce, etc. the possibilities are endless!
Ingredients: Cacao ,Raw honey from our hives

250 gram glass jar 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I've just finished my first jar of this and I'm pining for more!

With the burst of hot weather we've had, iced coffees have been on the menu, and a teaspoon of this cacao infused honey melted into a shot of hot espresso then topped with milk and ice cubes is utter perfection. Also, just melted into warm milk on a cooler Tassie afternoon makes for a seriously delicious treat too! Am definitely adding another few jars to my next order!

Marteen Millar
Perfect blend with warm milk

The blend of these two ingredients goes well in warm milk…

If you love mochas you need this!

I am a huge fan of infused honey with milk or my morning coffee, and as a mocha lover I was excited to try this honey. It did not disappoint with my morning coffee - it’s lush, and moorish! A little goes a long way!