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Bergamot Wild Purple Bee balm

Bergamot Wild Purple Bee balm

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A hardy Perennial to 100cm. Upright clump forming habit with green toothed leaves and pinky lavender blooms.
Native to Northern America this variety has a history of medicinal use and is frequently used as culinary herb in savory dishes.
Great for attracting beneficial insects and bees to the garden. Known commonly as `Bee Balm', the mass of upright whorls of pink, red or white flowers of wild Bergamot are a calling sign to the beneficial insect world.
Bees, beneficial lacewings and hoverflies are all drawn to these flowers.
Long flowering season through out Summer. The highly aromatic foliage is reminiscent of Lemon Verbena.

Aiming for 100% open pollinated and Organically grown in the Huon

Sorry we can not send to W.A at this time

100 seeds

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