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Aster Tall Peony

Aster Tall Peony

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What a rewarding experience to grow these spectacular annuals from Aster seeds! These Paeony Duchess Asters are breathtaking, the perfect addition to the cutting garden. These Aster flowers are very large with double incurved petals. They resemble chrysanthemums that bloom in the Autumn, but Asters bloom many weeks before. The Aster plants have an upright growth habit and have 5 to 8 floral stems. This variety makes exceptional cut flowers with long stems and showy blooms that have a long vase-life.

Aster Callistephus seeds can be started indoor in the early spring. The flower seeds should be pressed into the soil and lightly covered. Maintain moisture so that the Aster seeds will not dry out. Harden off the Aster plants for 10 - 14 days before planting out once temperatures are consistently warm. This annuals like a position in full sun to partial shade.

This superb purple variety is a tender Annual sometimes growing as a perrenial in warmer climates.

Ideal for a variety of situations, and loved by bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.

40 seeds per pack 

NOT TO W.A due to bio security restrictions any seed purchases to Western Australia will be automatically refunded  


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