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Anti-Inflammatory Tea

Anti-Inflammatory Tea

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A blend of herbs containing anti-inflammatory properties to help ease the symptoms of arthritis, gout and related conditions.

Contains ingredients turmeric, ginger, celery seeds, nettle and tulsi - all known for their powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Liquorice and lemon myrtle round out the spicy flavours for a cup full of goodness and flavour.

With activated turmeric. The process of adding ground pepper 'activates' turmeric and the bioavailability of the curcumin content to the body increases massively. 

Sweet spicy flavours with highlights from lemon, delicious! Caffeine free.

available in a 80g compostable pouch 

  • Turmeric
    Contains the active ingredient Curcumin known as a powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Ginger 
    Contains anti-inflammatory properties. Also used as a helpful tonic for nausea and indigestion
  • Celery Seeds
    Contains a number of anti-inflammatory agents
  • Nettle 
    Contains an anti-inflammatory substance that suppresses cytokines in joint diseases
  • Lemon Myrtle - Contains anti-inflammatory properties. Adds a wonderful lemony profile to the blend
  • Tulsi - Known as the 'elixir of life' and packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Ground Pepper - Helps the body take up the powerful anti-inflammatory properties found in Curcumin

This is not intended as medical advice. Some ingredients may not be suitable for people with certain conditions or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your medical practitioner.

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Customer Reviews

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Adam Easter
My fav herbal tea

A lovely balance of herbal flavours, with a final sweet after taste of Liquorice. I bought this to help with inflammation and migraines that I regularly get from a neck injury 10 years ago. This tea is an easy way to get activated Curcumin daily in a tasty drink. It also tastes lovely chilled.