Sleep well herbal infused honey

  • Sleep well herbal infused honey

Our Herbal Honeys are made with pure raw honey, blended with freshly powdered herbs.
I formulated this honey to help my 7 year old who has lots of trouble switching off his brain and falling asleep.
I have chosen herbs that are gentle yet powerful enough to aid any age that is having trouble falling or staying asleep.
These herbs are hand-whipped & slow-infused into our raw honey that is never heated, so as to protect the enzymes & boost the benefits.
To Use:
Take 1 TSP as required.

You can eat it straight off the spoon, mix it into warm water for a Herbal tea or spread it on toast or crackers for a sweet treat.

Ingredients are
Raw honey from our hives
Hops for its sedative properties
passionflower for its sedative and antispasmodic properties
skullcap for its aid in calming a chattering brain
Chamomile for muscle relaxtion

This is a gentle nervous system tonic that can be taken at any time of the day for a sedative effect with no risk of becoming lethargic so can be taken in times of stress as well as to aid sleep.

450gram jar