Sore Throat Herbal infused Honey

  • Sore Throat Herbal infused Honey

Our Herbal Honeys are made with pure raw honey, blended with freshly powdered herbs.
This honey is packed with healing herbs to sooth and kill the germs that cause a sore throat.
These herbs are hand-whipped & slow-infused into our raw honey that is never heated, so as to protect the enzymes & boost the benefits.

To Use:
Add 1 teaspoon to warm water gargle before swallowing three times a day or follow instructions on the jar to make your own sore throat spray.

Please note the cayenne does make it spicey if you would like a child friendly version please get in touch and I can make a special batch

Ingredients are
Raw honey from our hives
Organic sage from our garden
Ecinacea to kill infection
Cayenne and golden seal for antibacterial properties

450gram jar