Zucchini Bread recipe

Summer Zucchini glut ? Try this Zucchini Bread Recipe

Are you suffering from a summer Zucchini glut ? 

There comes a time every summer where gardeners can't get rid of the things quick enough. Letterboxes are filled with Zucchini from mystery givers, crop swap tables are laden and gardeners grown when they find yet another forgotten vegetable hiding under the vine. 

So what do you do when you have a Summer Zucchini glut other that force them onto visating guests ? 

We like to make Zucchini bread and butter pickles, Dehydrate and powder for winter, make brownies and my favorite 

Zucchini Bread 
1C Nuts (walnuts of mixed)    
1 C Brown Sugar    
3 large Eggs (Duck eggs are especially great)    
2Tsp Vanilla extract (or essence)
 1C Veg Oil  (Can use butter) 
2C Plain Flour      
 1tsp Salt  
1tsp Cinnamon  
Pinch nutmeg
                                   1Tsp bicarb soda                                    
  1/2 tsp baking powder  
3 & 1/2C grated Zucchini ( I think I actually ended up with 5 Cups which made a really moist cake)
 1 & 1/4 C oats  
3Tbs raw sugar
100g sourdough starter (Optional) 

1.Heat Oven to 180 Degrees Celsius and great tin. I used a large bread tin but any will do.

Whisk Eggs, oil, sugar, Vanilla until smooth

2. Slowly add sifted Flour , salt, bicarb, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg and mix to combine it will be quite a dry mix at this point

3. Fold in Zucchini, oats and nuts and sourdough starter if using and pour into prepared tin then sprinkle with raw sugar and a few extra oats if you wish Bake 50-70mins or when  knife comes out clean.

We ate ours with fresh cream, ricotta, stewed apples and blackberries YUM! 

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