From Farm to Face: A Journey of Sustainable Skincare in the Huon Valley

From Farm to Face: A Journey of Sustainable Skincare in the Huon Valley

Nestled amidst the valleys and rugged mountains of Tasmania's Huon Valley, our home at Gatherer Forager isn't just a workspace; it's a living tapestry woven with nature. Surrounded by birdsong, the vibrant dance of sunlight through ancient trees, and the gentle ebb and flow of life, a profound awareness blossoms within us – the awareness of our interconnectedness with this fragile ecosystem.

The pristine beauty that surrounds us isn't just a backdrop; it's the very reason we take such meticulous care in crafting our products. Unlike faceless corporations churning out mass-produced formulas, we're intimately connected to every ingredient, every step, every drop that flows from our farm to your face.

Our rain tank water and septic system mean we need to take responsibility of our waste. Every splash of "grey" water from our production finds its way back into our paddocks, nourishing the land that nourishes us. This intimate cycle means we can't afford to risk harmful chemicals; their shadow would stain more than just our products; it would taint the very ecosystem that sustains us.

The whispers of environmental damage from commercial skincare are not mere rumors; they're echoes of a harsh reality. Fragrance ingredients wreaking havoc on aquatic life, sunscreens bleaching coral reefs – these are the consequences of a careless beauty industry and uneducated consuming. Each bottle, each tube, washes away not just grime, but a piece of our planet's health.

So, when you reach for your cleanser, lather up with your shampoo, or smooth on your lotion, remember the journey it takes. Let it be a gentle reminder to choose wisely, to nurture not just your skin, but the world around you.

At Gatherer Forager, we're not just makers of skincare; we're custodians of nature. We work closely with nature to grow the purest botanical ingredients and when we can't grow them we choose local and faire trade first. We buy bulk sizes in buckets and bottles we can re-use for other purposes on the farm like our seed saving. Our journey doesn't end with the final product. We're constantly experimenting, pushing the boundaries of natural beauty, always seeking ways to minimize our footprint and maximize your glow.

If you yearn for a skincare experience that works closely with the earth, reflecting the gentle rhythm of nature, then join us on this journey. Together, let's rewrite the narrative of beauty, one conscious choice, one nourishing drop at a time.

With love and blessings


Founder, Gatherer Forager


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