Poppy Ladybird

  • Poppy Ladybird
  • Poppy Ladybird

The cultivar Papaver commutatum ‘Ladybird’, commonly known as the ‘Ladybird’ Poppy, Caucasian Scarlet Poppy, Poppy ‘Ladybird’, or Ladybug Poppy, is a species of flowering plants in the Papaveraceae family. This hypnotic plant can be found growing in the Caucasus and several regions of northern Turkey and northwestern Iran.

Thanks to their unique pattern, ‘Ladybird’ poppies have become highly popular ornamental houseplants worldwide. Not only do these beauties look absolutely stunning, but they are also very easy to grow and care for. These plants have been mostly seen in various landscape decorations like meadows, beds, sunny borders, or cottage gardens. Without a doubt, they will look fantastic as cut flowers in alluring vases or potted plants in adorable containers too!

Poppies are always more dramatic when planted in mass, a must for every spring garden. Self-sows freely or save sees to cast elsewhere

Adaptable to most well-drained garden soils in an open sunny position. Tolerant to poor sandy soils and is drought and frost resistant.

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