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Image of Peppermint and Chocolate clay soap

Peppermint and Chocolate clay soap

This peppermint and chocolate clay soap is essential oil free making it perfect for those with sensitive skin or sinuses.
Chocolate clay helps and Organic peppermint grown in our garden and infused in oils work together to create a create a deeply cleansing bar perfect for oily or acne prone skin

We use ancient soap making techniques adding oils to lye and working in small batches to create unique soaps that reflect our life here on the farm.

To get the most out of your soap bar make sure you keep your soap dry in between uses so they last longer.

Ingredient;Olive oil, Coconut oil, peppermint infused sunflower oil, rice bran oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), shea butter, rainwater, chocolate clay

approx weight:160g