Organic Dried Oregano

  • Organic Dried Oregano

We are a small-scale producer of culinary and medicinal herbs. All herbs are grown on our Permaculture farm in Southern Tasmania and are hand harvested, dried, and packaged on site by hand. Our products are picked at their peak and dried in small batches to retain shape and flavour.
Our farm uses regenerative farming practices, such as using animals (cows, chickens and rabbits) to provide fertilizer for rich soil in our beds. This ensures that not only are we organic, but no heavy machinery ever touches the soil, and we maintain a healthy soil ecosystem.

Oregano is a well-known herb in the Italian and Greek kitchen (a must in the tomato sauce on your pizza). It can be used to season meat dishes as well as salads or roasted veggies like zucchini or eggplant. It has a strong aroma and adds a beautiful flavor to most dishes. It is said to have earthy and minty notes.

Perfect as a gift for someone new to herbs or unable to grow them and wanting to taste different varieties.

*15g cut and dried
* Packaged in a 100% compostable bag