Flower Power Cleansing grains and Mud mask


These grains are a natural facial cleanser that is gentle enough to be used every day! They are a soap-free, toxin-free, preservative-free, alternative to soap, foaming cleansers and exfoliators.

They gently remove dead skin, debris and dirt from pores and leave your skin soft, smooth and feeling fresh, without the drying effect of soap or foaming cleansers. These grains can be used with oil to remove makeup but will not effectively remove makeup with water.

Flower Power Cleansing Grains are suitable for all skin types, and are especially soothing for irritated skin conditions

A soothing blend of yellow french clay, Tasmanian oats, our organically grown calendula and cornflower blended together to cleanse, balance and renew.
These can be used as a daily cleanser or a gentle mask for sensitive skin

Take a small amount (less than a teaspoon) of cleansing grains, from the jar with a dry spoon, into the palm of your hand or a small bowl.
Add a few drops of water (or honey (From your friendly local beekeeper!), milk, yogurt, coconut milk, rosewater or oil) to form a paste.
Massage the paste gently onto your face.
Breathe in and Relax.
Rinse off with water. (If you're using these with oil or OCM, rinse with warm water, as cold water will not remove oil.)
To use as a mask do as above apply to skin, avoiding eye area. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Gently rinse off with warm water and cloth.

INGREDIENTS | French yellow Clay, organically grown calendula and cornflower, Tasmanian oats