Fire Cider Honey Oxymel

  • Fire Cider Honey Oxymel

Fire Cider Honey Oxymel is our version of the traditional folk remedy that has been enjoyed in Autumn for centuries as a tonic. Fire Cider Honey Tonic has been revered for generations as a simple and effective remedy to ward off sneezes and sniffles, clear blocked noses and heads, aid digestion, and increase circulation.
lightly spiced, invigorating, and delicious!

Made with Organic Chilli, Onion, Garlic , rosemary, Thyme and sage from our garden. Our own Organic wild fermented apple cider vinegar, honey from our hives and Australian ginger, tumeric and lemon

Serving Suggestions:
Take 1 to 2 teaspoons at the first sign of a cold, and then repeating every 3 to 4 hours until symptoms subside. Some people also take fire cider as a preventative during cold and flu season.
Mixed in with hot water and honey for a sore throat tea.

100ml bottle