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Fertile eggs for hatching

  • Fertile eggs for hatching

We are developing a permaculture farm in Southern Tasmanias Huon valley. We have hobby bred for 7 years and are now choosing to focus on breeding good quality back yard layers, Araucana and pure bred Blue laced red, silver and blue laced silver Wyandottes

In our Wyandottes area we have Silver laced Rooster - Silver laced and Blue laced silver hens. They have a very large area where they can free range , forage and dust bath.

In the Blue laced red Wyandottes we have a Blue laced red rooster over Blue laced red and splash hens. They are in a large outdoor area with our bees and rabbits. Plenty of space to stratch , forage and have a great chicken life.

The Araucana free range over the paddocks they are a mixed flock of different colours, Mottled , Black, lavender, blue , golden duckwing they have a lovely blue egg colour

In our mixed flock where we have mixed hens to produce a rainbow dozen we have a White faced Spanish rooster running with Marans - Brahma - Araucana - Faverolle - Exchequer leghorns -and Welsummer.

This flock producers beautiful hardy egg laying crosses please note they are not Easter Eggers and I cannot guarantee egg colour. If you want your own rainbow egg laying flock you are bed to go with a variety of pure breeds as we have.