Dehydrated Garlic Granules


Our garlic is grown in our healthy spray free soils on our Permaculture farm in Southern Tasmania

Using garlic granules is a great option to save time especially if you love camping and hiking! No peeling, no chopping, crushing or smashing.
100% dehydrated garlic, full flavored and fabulously easy to use.
1 tea spoon equals 2 cloves, just add to whatever you're cooking up for fast garlic flavor.

It will rehydrate in moisture, like a soup, hearty stew or even when you're sauteing onions or mushies. To turn it into little fleshy garlic pieces, just add your desired amount (1 teaspoon equals about 2 cloves) to warm water in a glass or cup, steep for 3 mins and voila, garlic ready to add to pizza bases, butter or just about anything.

We love adding it to sour cream with a little salt and nutritional yeast for a fast garlic dip