Agastache -Anise Hyssop - Licorice Mint Raspberry


Summer Raspberry Agastache Plants produce wonderfully fragrant and spectacular flowers that bloom in whorls on strong, erect spikes. It offers a long flowering season, heat and drought tolerance, and scented foliage. Removing the spent flowers keeps it blooming longer. Known to attract butterflies!
The flowers and foliage of Agastache ‘Raspberry Fiesta’ are very fragrant, and also edible. ‘Raspberry Fiesta’ has a refreshing minty flavour and scent.
Plus this is a mock mint you can have with no chance of it becoming invasive
So young leaves can be used fresh in salads; to decorate and flavour cakes; to make tea or floated in refreshing cool drinks. It puts a whole new twist on a Mojito cocktail.
Common Names: Hummingbird Mint, Giant Hyssop, Rock Anise Hyssop, Licorice Mint

Sorry we can not send seeds to W.A

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